Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

JACKIE & CARLOS se casaron!!!!!! imagens por Janeth !


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

El Salvador Wedding Tour... Katrina & Isaac.

Katrina from the US. and Isaac from Nicaragua, came to EL Salvador for our new service: Wedding Tour. They are getting married on May, at Managua. But first they wanted to do something different that a typical engagement session, so we design for them a full day touring our beautiful country El Salvador.

We visited the San Andres ruins, we learn about their culture and how this central American Indians lived more than 700 years ago, then we visited a not well know place called Ostua, near Metapan city, this is the story:

Sunday Ostua Is celebrated to honor the Black Christ of Ostua A. Image venerated, first in the town of Ostua Some people thinks, the erlier Ostua pueblo was destroy by a flood of river "ostua" to others assert that it was an earthquake. The Black Christ, was the patrono of the pueblo de OStua. This image is exactly equal to that of Esquipulas (Guatemala), sculpted by the same sculptor Quirio Cata, by the sixteenth century the image was saved and deposited in the colonial church of Metapan.

After this visit we drove to the cordillera de Apaneca, to a small town called Ataco, where we drink so pleasant coffee at hacienda El Carmen.

This new experience in wedding photography is available to our clients as a new way to do eco-tourism during your pre-wedding sessions. GREAT TIME & COFFEE !!!

Janeth Castillo took this images & Isrrael Blanco the video.

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Mayrita & Javier se casaron!!!!!

Un momento que siempre recordaremos, Mayrita siempre quiso lo mejor para su boda... y si que todo salio de pelicula, la musica, los detalles, las flores todo como lo habia planeado ... si quedo SPECTACULAR!!

Javier con gran ilusion espero a Mayrita en el altar... una ves que la novia entro todo quedo DIVINO! los ojos de Javier se iluminaron y con alegria recibio a su novia.

La iglesia de la ceiba de Guadalupe, fue testigo de este amor que se profesaron con sinceridad el amor genuino que se tienen los dos.

La fiesta fue un espectaculo, el gruo musical HONHS se dio a la tarea de hacer de la boda una fiesta NON STOP!!!

Felicitaciones mil!!

PKO & Team Prophoto

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